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On January 19, 1993, a cast including Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Elton John, Diana Ross, comedians Chevy Chase and Bill Cosby, and actors Jack Lemmon and James Earl Jones to name a few, performed at the 42nd Presidental Inaugural Gala at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland in honor of Clinton.  A specialty re-formed Fleetwood Mac also took the stage to perform the song "Don't Stop" which had been Clinton's champain song. 


Rick Vittallo was requested by the Inaugrural Commity to play guitar at the Presidental Gala.  The celebration lasted for 3 days at the White House.  His band continued to play most of President Clinton's California appearances, where the President would often play saxophone with the band. 


"To play for the President was surreal.  It felt like I was living out a dream.  Everytime we played with him, he would always come over to the band and say hello, call a few of us by name and shake everyones hand.  He was very gracious and kind to us.  It was humbling to get his recognition musician to musician."

-Rick Vittallo 




Rick plays the White House

President Bill Clinton Inaugration Ball 1993


Horace Heidt Jr. L.A. Raider Band

Rick played guitar and sang on the Raiders Band for 15 years.  One of his favorite highlights of his career.


"I played hundreds of Raider Games and also some SuperBowls.  There is nothing like having 90,000 to 100,000 people singing along with you!  Pretty exciting!"

-Rick Vittallo

The Raiders Theme Video

Raiders Silver and Black Attack Music Video

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